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Organic Fruit & Veg Boxes

Organic Fruit & Veg Boxes

Organic Fruit & Veg Boxes

Vegan Organic Cruelty Free Raw Preservative Free GMO Free

You can definitely taste the difference when you eat fresh organic fruit & veg. It has so much more flavour! Plus you know it is so much better for you without any nasties sprayed on it! You will be amazed at the beautiful colours you see in your box at certain times of year, rainbow coloured carrots, bright purple, orange or green caulli's and an abundance of cute, colourful squashes!

We make veg boxes in the following sizes - £10, £15 or £20. The £10 is mostly veg with a bunch of bananas, £15 is fruit and veg, £20 is more of everything.

You get a mix of whatever is seasonal (unless you tell us you don’t like something!). Winter is mostly root veggies whilst summer is courgettes, peppers, aubergines and salad etc.

You can try your first box and see how you get on. We then contact you the following week to see if you want a box weekly, fortnightly or not at all.

You can tweak your box slightly for e.g if you find you are getting too much or not enough of something. We will make a note and try to accommodate as best we can. If you need to tell us that you don’t need something in your box that week, then if you let us know before the Wednesday we will amend the box. You will not be able to make changes once the box is weighed out.

Boxes are ready for collection after 11am on a Thursday. We are open Thursdays until 7pm. You can collect or we will deliver to the local area (this is depending on availability). If you want to come earlier than 11am to collect just drop us a message so we can make sure it is done early.

Cancellations – our notice is midday on the Tuesday for the following weeks box. It is an 8 day notice period to tie in with when we have to place our orders.

Any questions please contact us.

Our fruit & veg is also out for sale in the shop from Thursdays onwards.

Price: £10.00 - 20.00
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Had my first organic vegetable/ fruit box today and it’s full of delicious looking food,can’t wait to get cooking! Great shop, nice friendly staff
Great addition to Maghull. Will be in again soon. Keep up the good work! X

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